Are You Making A Costly Mistake By Not Looking At Your Business And Its Machinery & Equipment?

Most business owners do not know that an error in judgment in appraising machinery and equipment can be costly. That's why as a business owner, you should have confidence that the values are true and are backed by evidence to support the fair market value.

All appraisal reports are not created equal. Paradigm Financial Group Inc. will deliver a comprehensive and detailed Certified Appraisal Report consistent with the ethics and guidelines mandated by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). USPAP, promulgated by Congress and the Appraisal Foundation, is the leading authoritative source for appraisals.

That's why you can expect to receive an accurate, irrefutable, defensible, and descriptive Report that includes photographs, model and serial numbers, and other descriptive information that will withstand scrutiny. Our assignment of value is based on extensive research, personal inspection, contact with manufacturers and suppliers to determine what your items are really worth.

Why Trust The Value Of Your Business And Equipment To Just Anyone?

Some business owners don't know what the value of their business is really worth. Unfortunately, some business owners arrive at the value of their business by using tax returns, depreciation schedules or financial statements do not reflect years of hard work in themselves and do not show the entire value of the business and its assets. If the business is profitable, there exists a value for goodwill. Some people would call this "Blue Sky". While Blue Sky cannot be justified by buyers or lenders, goodwill can be computed and justified.

Business owners need a value they can rely upon that will hold up to scrutiny with lenders, buyers, IRS, courts and others. That's why it makes perfect business and financial sense to call upon the skilled professionals at Paradigm Financial Group Inc. who are Certified. You can rely on a substantiated and defensible value of your business that will hold up to scrutiny.

The Problem With Surface Level Information

Many attempts have been made to educate the public on how to protect themselves when it comes to providing accurate machinery and equipment values. Oftentimes, the public relies on surface-level information from an appraiser which does not give an indication as to the level of accuracy or competency.

We are committed to preserving the public trust. The purpose of the "Code of Ethics & Competency" Appraiser Awareness Program is to protect the public from unsubstantiated or questionable machinery and equipment appraisals. Our seal serves to alert the public to the documentation we know is necessary to prove that an appraiser is competent. This assures an appraisal will be substantiated, accurate, irrefutable, defensible and will withstand scrutiny.